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Empower Your Fitness Journey

Our personalized approach will help you achieve your fitness goals and build habits for longevity.

Client Transformations


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Melissa L.

Stephanie is a girl’s girl. Her dedication to helping women achieve their goals extends far beyond physical fitness—she believes in their boundless potential. Although I've transformed physically and gotten stronger with her guidance, the change I am most proud of and thankful for is my newfound confidence. Stephanie's sessions are more than just workouts. They're therapeutic experiences filled with kindness and encouragement. We joke she’s also my therapist.

She genuinely cares about her clients' well-being and leads by example, living out the principles of healthy living in her own life. With her expert knowledge and unwavering support, Stephanie has motivated and inspired me to reach my goals and set new ones! I look forward to each session with  enthusiasm. I'm profoundly grateful for Stephanie's presence in my life, as she continues to inspire and uplift me on my journey of self-improvement.

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Sherry B.

I was struggling with my weight after my son was born. I was eating take-out several times a week and I was so tired. Stephanie worked with me to make a plan that fit my schedule and level of fitness. The app we use allows her to suggest meals that fit within her recommended macros, and they are things I never would have thought to make on my own. It also has her recommended workouts to do each week.

I have lost 30 lbs so far. I’m losing weight in a slow and sustainable way, where I’m not concerned about gaining it back. I’m creating habits for life and I’m so happy with my results. Even on my non-compliant days or even weeks…Stephanie continues to encourage me, and she has never given up on me.

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Built For This is a movement of people who believe they can do hard things. We use getting healthy and fit as the catalyst to unlock a life of happiness and success, because self discipline is a form of self love.

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