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Training Packages

Built For This is not just a brand, it's a lifestyle. Join us in the journey towards a healthier and happier you.



This 1 hour, group fitness class is designed for women who want to prioritize their health and fitness. This circuit training format will strengthen all muscles in the body, keeping the heart rate up to enhance fat loss. Sign up for a class today!

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Lifting Weights
Fitness App

Custom Online Training
& Nutrition Coaching

Online plans are perfect for those who need a little extra help with staying accountable. You'll get customized workout & nutrition plans to match your goals, with weekly check-ins and guidance from our master coaches to make sure you're getting the job done.

12 Week Training Programs

Our 12-week Training Programs are tailored to individuals who don't need nutrition guidance or accountability. Our programs are designed to provide you a variety of challenging exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Additionally, our programs are updated every 12 weeks to keep your routine fresh and exciting. You get access to our app so you can track and monitor your workouts!

Chicken Shish Kebab

Nutrition Guidance

If you need help with meal planning or tracking your macros, our Nutrition Guidance service can help. We offer meal prep suggestions and advise you on what to eat so you can reach your fitness and health objectives.

1:1 Training Sessions

1:1 Sessions are completely customized to your needs. Learn proper form and technique while making progress toward each exercise. This setup also helps you stay disciplined and focused, and ensures that you make the most of your time at the gym.

For inquires, please fill out the consultation form.

Heavy Lifting
Fitness Class

Group Sessions

Train with your bestie in Group Sessions of up to 3 people. Group Sessions are best for those who have similar goals and are more cost effective compared to 1:1 Training while providing more personal attention than with group fitness classes.

For inquires, please fill out the consultation form.

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